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Video for ‘All The Devils Toys’ from the new DEATHSTARS album ‘The Perfect Cult’.
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‘The Perfect Cult’ will be out on June 13th (EU), June 16th (UK) and June 24th in US.

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The Swedish industrial rock band DEATHSTARS returns with a blast when they release their long anticipated fourth studio album »The Perfect Cult«.

While their predecessor, 2009’s »Night Electric Night« was spawned with the band fairly off the hook of their »Termination Bliss« touring cycle, only to see the band hitting the road yet again. For the upcoming new output, DEATHSTARS finally managed to give themselves the needed time span to work in a “calm and methodic manner, fully exploring the music writing process which resulted in the most dramatic Deathstars album to date.”

Besides their many headlining tours around the world over the years, the band also joined RAMMSTEIN’s sold out arena streak for their “Made In Germany 1995-2011” European Tour 2011/2012. At the same time they released »The Greatest Hits On Earth«, a compilation presenting a decade of their tracks, released via Nuclear Blast.
»The Perfect Cult« has been captured in several studios: drums, guitars and bass were recorded in Bohus Sound Recording, Kungälv Sweden, vocals in Gig Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and keyboards, orchestration and editing was done in Black Syndicate, Stockholm. While the mix as usual was handled by legendary Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN, WITHIN TEMPTATION), guitarist/keyboardist Nightmare took


Натали Натали says:

Какие-то клоуны-полугомики

Alejandro Sebastián says:


Luna Valkiria Helvete says:

Andreas so fucking sexy ♥♥♥

Nope Grigsby says:

somehow not as good when there stuff is in hd. 240p for life

José Augusto dos Santos says:


DMHQ - Administration says:

OMG! I SO LOVE the vocals of the lead singer for this song. 😊

JD Ricketts says:

I love this song

Johnny 310X says:

The singer is fugly

Ivan Bagnasco says:

Cool band.. cool songs, BUT… the guy who creates the videos for them must be hanged up by his balls till he stops breading. All their videos are just so shitty, they don´t match de songs at all.

Wolfe Addams says:

Those who play with the devil's toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword

Егор Скрынник says:

обычно таких говноедов пиздят

da ni says:

is this about the NWO and world war III?

life is pain says:

0:56 when someone sends me dick pic


Come to Bolków in Poland!!!

Suojeluninja says:

Glory to Artotzka.

wolverine6807 says:

This is like if Cobra Commander and Destro had a rock band.

Clown Unchaiined says:

BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! Älskar er grabbar! Can't get enough of this these geniuses! Wish u could see my poster!

Esther Monje says:


Mirror Image says:

Video nice, but song – terrible shit. All album pretty boring and weak, but this one must be worst from there.

Mytoast Isdone says:

Their sound is a perfect combination of Marilyn Manson and industrial music in general. Been a fan for many years now and I can't stop playing their sound.

andra neko says:

Deathstars the best ♡

Jared Dunn says:

Has anyone noticed how radically their style-of-music changed after "Synthetic Generation"?

And after this change, how they started to produce tracks that were all very similar to each other (structures, beats, chord progressions etc..)? How come when Beast X Electric left the band (after synthetic generation), the creativity just disappeared, and turned into monotone, repetitive thumping?

Why is it that they can only re-write their old songs to produce new ones? Literally, every album sounds the same since Termination Bliss. Synthetic Generation was their LAST good, original work.

Everything else after that is just a copy of something from Termination Bliss…

Just a few:

Death Des Hard = Motherzone
All The Devil's Toys = Cyanide
Venus in Arms = Cyanide
Archlight = Tongues
Chertograd = Tongues

Also, their guitar riffs have become very basic and dumbed down compared to the first album…

Misfit Monster says:

Fake ass… Sisters Of Mercy Voice….also ripping off HIM

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