Deathstars – ”Cyanide” – Live Support For RAMMSTEIN @ O2-World Berlin (26 November 2011)

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Deathstars – “Cyanide” – Live Support For RAMMSTEIN – “Made In Germany 1995-2011” Tour – @ O2-World Berlin (26 November 2011)


xxcisneros2000xx says:

this is the first vocalist i've ever heard that sounds exactly like his video singles

Spirit of Relinquished says:

bien men si sabes d buena musika 😀

M says:

q genial canta

Hellen Avelar says:

Great voice!

Roberto leiva says:

muy bueno en vivo!!

Victor Bonno says:

he's is not just a vocalist,he's Whiplasher Bernadotte!!

Deltaxify says:

nope listen to some interviews his voice is amazing deep

Bruce Strauss says:

That can't be his natural voice. There's gotta be some sort of voice distortion filter on the floor somewhere.

Ascyllia1 says:

I agree. His voice is fuckin powerful. Well done. <3

Deltaxify says:

the album version is so much different from that … loving both versions :d

CaballeroDelAbismo says:

And why is that ??
I didn't insult you
So chill out man

CaballeroDelAbismo says:

Finally :_)

goldenewa says:

These boys have been to southamerica for some years ago…………

Antichrist says:

amazing capabilities with his voice always has been

CaballeroDelAbismo says:

Im in fucking southamerica no one comes down here 🙁
In this country is all shitty music like "cumbia" or "reggaeron"
Man i fucking love metal!
And here there are not much people how likes it 🙁
(sorry my english im argentinian)
Hail Deathstars from Argentina 😀

Aaron Mclaughlin says:

cant fucking wait lol

MHB_30 says:

02:44 favourit part

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