Deathstars-death dies hard- live sweden rock festival 2009

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This is a video of the song “Death dies hard” by Death Stars that i recorded during Sweden Rock Festival 2009 on Wednesday 3 June


Luna Valkiria Helvete says:

Andreas Bergh very sexy <3 ♥♥♥♥♥

Varvara Strukova says:

третий всегда где то в сторонке от всех остальных стоит

andra neko says:

deathstars♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ andreas♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

jorge andres says:

good music / fuck look

Laura Avis says:

Never heard or seen this band before,just stumbled across this video but what it looks like is on the left young manson,Ashley purdy in the middle and manson now on the right. XD

Ashley Moura says:

I love this band as vezes eu queria ser o whiplasher cara :3 ele é demais! Voz super top!

Gargoyle011 says:

cats hair :3

Keith Bishop says:

Dose anyone know when they are doing a tour again I really want to see them live again awesome love you guys

Riskó Gábor says:

szar a minosege

MrLyvik says:

It doesn't sound like the album version, their mics are on. So what other kind of proof do you want?

MrLyvik says:

Sure, the woman's voice is playback since they don't have a woman in the band, but the rest isn't.

Arkadiusz Zajączkowski says:

Victory in fucking face! ]:->[40:4] V

Floyd says:

sorry but this band sucks, they use playback

jc sanches says:

no canta el :c

jhonyspeed says:

pagina de emos…

Arnold Ramos says:

haha i didnt know skinny did the screaming haha they kick ass live

Ashvin Calderon says:

use the bone of god as key…hehehehe!!!

Kasu Mi says:

OOOOhhhhh Cat Cassiiiiino T.T ♥♥♥♥

Anni394 says:

i love this one because skinny and cat dont have shirts on 😀 <3

phil hetfield says:

eso no es cantar!! se la pasa hablando!!!, esta banda apesta

Hadjad says:

older people like me, would be proud of you, believe me

SVictorrriaS says:

2:20 hahaha. Oh my God.

rishells says:

his voice is so fucking powerful

LordNightmarek says:

I'd like to go to some of their concerts, but parents don't agree "You're only 15 bla bla bla" ;/ (They also play 400kms away).

Zodiac MacCarthaigh says:

i would love to see them live on the same stage now THAT would be the most epicst thing ever picture one verse in german(rammstein) and one by deathstars like a song they both wrote am sure they will both make deathstars &rammstein fans very happy and exicted if that happens

Brett Winegarden says:

yeah your so damn lucky!!! rammstein just came to the US and deathstars didnt:( that shitty chombichrist came instead FUCK

Merlin364 says:

cat vergreift sich ja ständig xD

williamrome2681 says:

fun band to se haha

SatyriconxXx123 says:

@mrdainos321 yeah! it's called "Blitzkrieg" 😉

ChrisottesPSN says:

@wiiiissam im 14, and i was pushing my way to the first row at the rammstein concert in oslo 😀

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