Deathstars – Metal (Masters of Rock 2012 DVD)®

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Masters of Rock 2012 Vizovice Live


Arto0X says:

Whiplasher sounds good on albums but he totally sucks live, to be honest.

shadow T says:

La leche que voz tiene este tio.

cesar loenzo says:


Richard Quispe Valdez says:

Me encanta esta cancion, me siento muy motivado al escucharla, adrenalina <3

uzay prensi says:

blackmetal deathstars😈🍷

Matias Porras says:


Bianca Manson says:


manoel vitor says:

You alive is better

manoel vitor says:

Alive is bettee

manoel vitor says:

You are fantastic

manoel vitor says:

You are fuck when you sing

Luis Zumba says:

ohh yeahh excelente }!!

Khatia Berishvili says:

Fantastic voice !

nicolas emanuel cuevas martinez says:

wow METAL!!

CristoferQuezada26 says:

wow very nice!!

aeb 48 says:

Saw these guys at Soundwave in Brisbane last weekend.  I didn't know them at all beforehand but I absolutely loved their sound and their performance.  Please come back to Brisbane Deathstars!!   Come in the winter…

Silvia van Gimst says:

My heroes! 😀

Middlestep [official] says:

If Rammstein dies, Deathstars live! No death to industrial metal m/

casey felty says:

How do people confuse manson with them??????? o.o

Riskó Gábor says:

bas sound !!!!!!!!!

Steven Binks says:

its just the vocals I dont like with thid band hah

OvO says:

I think Deathstars should make a good show and not just playing songs. They totally waste the potentials of their music.

zoey margera says:

yes deathstars support rammstein… and rammstein support marilyn manson m/

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