Deathstars – The Greatest Fight on Earth (with lyrics)

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Song The Greatest Fight on Earth from Deathstars’ album Termination Bliss. Subtitles with lyrics made by sMteX. Enjoy 🙂


Daniel Horacio Avalos says:


YawehIsMyGod ThanksDad says:

the battle between Jesus/Michael Vs Satan soundtrack


the song I would use for war

Otilia Olguin says:

We are snakes wherever they play, we are zionist wherever they pray.

NationalRazorTube says:

A magnificent opera of doom.

Emily Johnson says:

i discovered this band 10 years ago , they such a good band x

arkady davich says:

where the fckn lyrics?

Dornogol says:

what signature is this in, I have to think about waltz al the time when hearing it :O

bunnyhause says:

Absorb all their fears, collect all their minds

We'll be the snakes wherever they'll play

And we'll be the demons whenever they'll pray

It' will be the greatest fight on the earthSnatch the wings of a fly

Spit on them and nail them to my spine

Say, "Little insect, now fly away"

But I'll be the demon in every psalm you prayThe disease, the love, the claws, the blood

The empty clinics of savaged hearts

The rusty nails in lidless eyes

And the skin won't ever be cleansed from the dirtCome here, now, come here

Let me smell your fears

Cry here, now, cry here

Let me enjoy your tearsLick the wet segments of a worm

Taste it now and let it wriggle down your throat

Mothers scream, "Little children, now run away"

But I'll be the snake wherever they'll playCommence the extermination

To weaken their wills

Uncover their heart, free the insects

And let them lead the way

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DakuHonoo says:

the song is great but this is the worst way to make a lyrics video

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