Deathstars – Tongues

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Deathstars live at Getawayrock (Gävle) 2010.

Artist – Deathstars
Song – Tongues
Album – Termination Bliss
Year of Release – 2006
Label – Nuclear Blast


Nope Grigsby says:

Look a goth metal band playing in broad daylight, you gotta respect them for trying somthing dangerous ;P

Brad Fortner says:

Found these guys a month ago and can't stop watching good band

Weed Man says:

i must say i like the not live version more than live 

KreeZafi says:

I love this band beyond words! And honestly… Whip's little speech in the beginning kinda made me cum a little bit in my pants.

VinnieVin Cooper says:

I love you guys, especially Emil 😉

Eric Haven says:

Damn….awesome windmills from Skinny!

sarah harper says:

its up to 4 now, better get slappin stupid fucks

UnholyAeon says:

They are awesome on stage, I recommend for you to go and see for yourself!

rmnffa says:

@MelodicJay130 me too >:)

MaajkTarkir says:

Haha, sångaren är för jävla skön.

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