Deathstars – Tongues [Lyrics]

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Hubert Cumberdale says:

saw dis live

24242424::2 says:

shut the fuck up, industrial and nothing else, have you already heard some gothic metal ? wtf nothing to see with deathstars

and what ? death metal ? go back listen to death

XxFangedFreakxX says:

All these discussions… Whiplasher named it Deathglam. So what kind of music ist this? Righty,… it's Deathglam ^^

really just sam says:

Nope. They are not satanic. Definitely not.

riothead1 says:

does any one know exactly what the song means?

Horusayo says:

Deathstars is a satanist metal band?

Doom Guy says:

Get out sheep, stop letting religion influence you.

ratelslangen says:

Its industrial metal

HolyDevlin says:

It's gothic metal, just class is as black metal, it fits in with the category believe it or not:)

insanelysexyable says:

chive chives!

Piccolo says:

@Scoutsniperdiv32 No offense meant but if hes that dumb he cant figure out by looking at the lyrics and listening then DAMN thats stupidityat its finest 🙂

Wild child says:

my dick head friend
said dis song dont make sense

salotimo says:

Nice words..and nice song.Thanks.

KilljoyEclipse says:

get that 'IM SO EMO' shit off the sidebar now

hiwayman777 says:

Deathstars are a Swedish gothic metal band from Stockholm. Formed in 2000, the group are noted for their dark horror-themed lyrics, pessimistic and misanthropic social commentary, distinctive trademark face paint, dark stage uniforms and physical appearances that correspond to gothic fashion

Bleuh says:

No… Its industrial.

Luminousaimee says:

@MsCrazyminded that was my respone wtf? lol

Luminousaimee says:

i still dont understand why it has to matter whether it punk, rap, rock, metal , death metal, soft rock, heavy metal, alternative, pop, or whatever if its good music then that shouldnt matter whether ppl want to classify it as anything but ppl care so much whether they listen to "rock" or "metal" versus the different variations of the two why?

Uaalude says:

I say like Whiplasher and the rest off the deathstars.. Its glam rock!
All the glitter, tight and sexy clothing, the make up, the red lipps… Night electric Night!

Justin Cole says:

Its only as dark as you make it, people.

Gabriel GM says:

@RaWRskateZZ no this is not death metal this is gothic metal,death metal is the type of metal where the singer screams a lot for example slipknot which sucks in my opinion if you want death metal look it up cause slipknot sounds like throut cancer

Ladyvalo96 says:

this song is excellent it makes me draw and paint better!

MsCrazyminded says:

@RaWRskateZZ unholy stuff???wtf???=D

psycho2cool says:

Lol. Industrial Gothic Metal. Deathstars don't go on about death. So no death metal. this song is not unholy because it doesn't (openly) damn religion! FUCKING CRAZY INSANE DICK RAPING WITH RAZORS HOTGLUED ON! AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rob Valk says:

then what are they?

blindedbro says:

lol not even close…

Michelle Formato says:

this song sounds like a dark metal love song (sorta)

Nick Gauthier says:

um actually deathstar is industrial goth death metal would be like the band Death or Dissection!!!:)

danomanno747 says:

definitely not death metal…they are a mixture of glam metal and gothic/industrial. Hence their self-description "deathglam".
They have good catchy songs.

Rob Valk says:

yes they are, deathstars is melodic death metal

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