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My favorite song by the Deathstars, there will be more Deathstars on the way!!!


x ray says:

creepy crawl creepy whisper

Krissy Lynn 2003-5 Parfait Memories says:

rolls eyes at my grand nieces n nephews making thegrowling sound while i play this song….geez…how annoying how kids think they have rights to get gifts from santa just for being nice

first of all does it matter if you're actually nice and but you're poor you can't afford a chimney if you can't afford a rooftop and if you can't afford a Christmas tree and if you can't afford cookies and milk and if you can't afford a Christmas tree and if you can't afford a Christmas tree and can't afford a real live Christmas tree from the woods cut it out the woods then you're not going to have for Santa Claus

you must have a roof-top because Santa sled does it land on the ground so if you actually live in a building you can't have sent unless the building actually was built with the fireplace

perfect nonxmas song prexmas song for homeless

silver bells
city sidewalks

Hunty Wabbit says:

Just came here after listening to KMFDM piggybank (smell), hence I felt like involving all the senses.

Marco Paillacheo says:

me encanta

Jaz Castle says:

Whiplasher tho 😍😍😍👌 damn…

Bong Me says:

lol.. reading comments and many being like "I was 9 when I heard them the first time" like that's their aimed audience 😀 they can put their CD in kids section with lazy town and Disney

guru says:

Ja miałem 17, kiedy pierwszy raz ja usłyszałem i tez sie w niej zakochałem

sergei borobulin says:

2018 ! ! ! СУПЕР !!!

emily rose johnson says:

I was 11 when I first listened to deathstars now I'm nearly 23 x I love them so much

trabantfreak2 says:

one of my absolute favourite driving songs for the time being. I dont get that people say its dangerous to listen to metal while driving

Miss Noodle says:

Saw these guys live, they were amazing!

Raoul Duke says:

It honestly sounds kinda silly but is def an earworm.

Lexa From HELL says:

When I listen to this I see myself drifting into a cosmos of chaos at a time dark and cold !! I'm loving it !!! QwQ m/

Hayden says:

Omg this song. I've not listened to it in almost a decade now. Is it bad that I had my first time with this album playing in the background? x)

R.Y. N. says:

Tonguesssss…. absolute favourite Song for me! Deathstars forever! :3

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