Dr SaxLove’s Smooth Blue 10 Hour Video – Instrumental Music for Work, Study, and Relaxation

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This week we are playing a mix of Dr. SaxLove’s Smooth Jazz Blues; Saxomonica and Smooth Blues.

Playing Now : Blues Mix from the albums Saxmonica and Smooth Blues

Available Here : https://markmaxwellmusic.com/blues

Video : Reel to Reel

This is Dr’s SaxLove’s Smooth Jazz Lounge. A weekly live stream of a mix of the Dr’s Music. You will find a mix of smooth jazz instrumental music set to relaxing imagery. We like to change things up here, you will find us changing the background video or image to help set the mood of the playlist.

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Hi, I’m Dr. SaxLove, and I know a thing or two about smooth jazz music and playing smooth jazz music on the saxophone. I’ve been playing smooth jazz for a long time and I know what people love – they love it smooth and romantic and relaxing and inspiring and sensuous.

So that’s what you’ll hear here, my friends and fans – smooth jazz music at it’s best. Thanks so much for stopping by – I love and appreciate you!

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~Dr. SaxLove


Dr. SaxLove specializes in jazz music, jazz saxophone music, relaxing jazz backing music, and soft jazz. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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Rebecca McMahan says:

Oh My!!!!!!! How I do LOVE the old Reel to Reel No telling how many tapes I have!!!!!! Lovin' the Music as well!!! U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!


thanks = very pleasant

Walton Smith says:

Oh yeah, nice and kixy!

alain-jean Bernabe says:

Ehllo Merci Beaucou ! J'AIME BIEN KOOL ???. +(*angel*)+ -:- "FRANCE"

Alf von Harpe says:

thanks again Doc what a fantastik collection ,I love your presentations

Maitland says:

Is it me, or the music is replay, because I'm at 07:40:03, and I think I've ever heard this song before…

Juan M.G says:

Ugh, todavía no termino el video y ya sé que hay muy buena música. Gracias por compartirla!! Saludos desde Argentina

BadGyrlBren says:

Thumbs up

Infonet says:

You can feel it, isn' t ? Old souls are here to listen … Thank you Dr….

eXplorer says:

Good video!

sexy79able says:

Hello my Brother this is Lisa and hope all is well. I been sick but I am getting better. I am catching up with the music you put on you tube. Simply Beautiful,and soothing .Keep up the good work. Ur such a position inspiration to me a lot of other people.Today is my bday I would love a bday message from you. I still have my vision with you working with Take 6 and other jazz artist.Love u Lisa

Brian Bulkley says:

Dear Dr. Just an old guy here new to all this technology. Hats off to you for what you provide! THANK YOU!

Katja K says:

cholera.. to jest tak dobre jak Funky Jazz | Saxophone & Harmonica Blues | Blues Guitar | Slow Blues, 12 Bar Blues | Blues Harmonica
Dr. SaxLove
7,2 mln wyświetlenia
gratulacje POLSKA

Daniel Fandinho says:

Pero que buena musica, cada que escucho siento que hasta mi alma se relaja y apreciar todo al rededor mio, y tambien me dan ganas de querer bailar jajaja. maravilloso genero!!

Vaso Akinidi says:


The Relax Guys says:

Your channel's style and music selections are very nice. I follow you with joy. In the meantime, I publish nature backgrounds. Do not forget to visit. Let's be Youtube friends.

exogar winoputt says:

Looks like an Ampex reel to reel. Great sounds, Dr. SaxLove.

Roksolana Chapovska says:


Rafael Antonio Mejia A says:

Hermosa música, lleva paz y sosiego a los más atribulados días e incita a amar. Ideal para cualquier estado de ánimo. Gracias por compartirla!😊😊😊

Carol Elizabeth García Carroz says:

¡Qué música tan emocionante!
Sí que sabes cómo animar, recuerdo bien que fuiste el primero que me llevó a canales estupendos de música.
¡Eres asombroso!
Nunca pares de hacer felices y energéticas a las personas.
Un saludo desde Venezuela.

Yasin Çepnioğlu says:

Amazing! Thanks!

Estefanele Franco says:

Muito boas essas músicas! Adoro instrumental, principalmente quando é de saxofone! Já deixei meu like.

Claudio C. A. says:

🎶 🎶 🎵

Jamie McNeil says:

Absolutely great !! The long play time is fantastic .. Thank You.

Anna Marsocci says:


Richard Spaur says:

Still cool and yet still hot. Very nice Doc! Another winner my man!

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