Soft Jazz: “Fireplace” (3 Hours of Soft Jazz Saxophone Music) – Relaxing and chill music

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“Fireplace” is 3 hours of soft jazz music playing in a cozy and inviting fireplace scene. Enjoy this mellow music and allow it to relax you and warm your heart.

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0:00:00 Windmills of Your Mind
0:06:12 And I Love Her
0:12:48 Tears In Heaven
0:17:47 I Can’t Make You Love Me
0:23:48 This Masquerade
0:30:16 If You Don’t Know Me By Now
0:35:44 Spooky
0:41:55 You’ve Got A Friend
0:47:06 Where Is The Love
0:52:07 Ode To Billy Joe

This is a great video if you want relaxation music, dinner music, music for studying concentration, focus music, chill out music, mellow music, fireplace music, instrumental music, smooth jazz saxophone music, or background music.

Dr. SaxLove is saxophonist Mark Maxwell.

The music in this video is taken from the Mark Maxwell album, And I Love Her and can be found here:

Many of these songs in this video are available as play-along backing tracks at:


Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz instrumental background music. His music is intended for relaxation, study music, dinner music, gaming, sensual times, and any time. Chill saxophone music always sounds good.

This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell:

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Daniil XD says:

Man i am listening to this at 6:30 AM and for me its the opposite it wakes me up

Lubricanttechnology says:

Thank you 😀 I love it

OMEGA 20Z says:


– I came to my office the next day after a lovely evening with my woman.

– Then my boss told me that he got a new case for me.

– He says this came to my office the other day.

– And he says that she needs your help to find this special briefcase.

– I rather even look at the photo, then i noticed a small tattoo on her left arm.

– It looks like a little blue nightingale, then i say i take case, just give me a gun.

– My boss didnt hesitate and he gave me his customized Black Night M191, with a couple of cartridges.

– I started to look at the photos to see any clues or something.

– Then i recognized that restaurant that i passed by the other night it was called the Black Cat.

– I asked to the manager i f he saw this woman of the picture, he said.

– yes i saw her last night, she order lassagne and wine, she also told me she was waiting for a man to make some bussiness, but he never showed up that night.
– Mmhh and do you know where she was going to, or at least did she tell you anything else??
– I'm afraid not, she paid her bill and left without saying anything.
– But she forgot something on the table, she was wearing a special ring, with an inscription, it says R.H. Jackson.

To be Continued…??

Linda Young says:

I was listening to meditation music for months. I needed a change. This Fireplace Jazz is sooo what I needed. Thank you….sincerely…Thank you.

Edesor Rosas says:

Sólo para conocedores

Kathleen Simpson says:

Lovely music and fireplace. Thank you!

bethkirk88 says:

Beautiful, relaxing smooth jazz fireplace on Thanksgiving afternoon. Yeah! 😌

Micheal Paul says:

Thx for making me forget to complain with my rowdy neighbours after they give me sleepless nights

Maria Amparo Tabares Rodriguez says:

Belleza d musica,hasta mi stress desaparece.

Michael Troutman says:

This is what the doctor ordered! Nice bottle of wine 🍷 beautiful soft jazz!

silvia griffin says:

for me its a way to calm down relax and feel peacefull….never want to miss listen to such smooth and inspiring music….thank you

Daniel Parlak says:

FYI: You have the "Windmill" song twice in your playlist and me and my Lebanese neighbour girl noticed on a cozy couch-whiskey night in Dublin and just wanted to let you know. Dearest Daniel and Maysam (incl. some digital evidence) on your play-listing ability. Thank you for keeping us warm on a cold November night in 2018 and we hope this comment will sustain forever, and ever.

Marty Meinsma says:

love the covers, from my era , cool

Haylo Troutman says:

Absolutely LOVE this! So uplifting and relaxing!🤗

Ki Chan says:


Amii Ch says:

Never took the time to listen to Jazz, i thought it was some kind of stupid genre for old people. In 26 years i never listened to it. Somehow i came across this video, now im addicted to Jazz. Its fckin amazing, i should have checked it out way way way soooner

Chemms Withana says:

luvvvvvv this

Alba Martínez says:

HERMOSA y sensual 💞
Muchas gracias 😄🌹

Rob C. says:

I'm watching this on my 75" TV and no heat, but I feel nice and warm !

jonbocz says:

I can you that you don't like a piece of music or a certain performer, but I don't believe that you should share your feelings with the world. There is a lot of music on YouTube, and I probably don't care for two or three times as much as I would listen to. And there are somekindsit I like at one time but not at others. I still can't conceive of giving any of it a down check. If you don't like it, go on to something else. Dr. SaxLove is taking time to provide music and a video; don't spit on him just because he doesn't please you.

Magdelyne Bohorquez says:

Me encanta oir Jazz al comenzar el dia, en mi trabajo todo el tiempo, es fantástico me inspira me llena de Energia ….

Alice Lawrence says:

Thanks for the Love Dr Sax show the world through your beautiful gift of music.people who live in poverty .all need to hear your music of inspiration and hope. To bring change and Blessings to us all . keep the smooth waves coming of your Saxaphone. The World Love you. And we know you Love the World through your Music.

sugerlipsx Jamie wright says:

I want all that saxs! Lol an every bit of ya Loving Lol!

sugerlipsx Jamie wright says:

Sax Love so funny Lol still Love the sound tho makes me want play Lol! X

Phyllis Hamilton says:

Perfect. Just perfect.

STONEFREE1962 says:

We're sharing a 12pk of great, sharp-tasting IPA's from Oregon, a nice, tasty-bowl of homegrown Blueberry Kush, and a roaring campfire, in the mountains, and some smooth jazz, with my awesome Wife, for my 56th Birthday 9/25/18…

Ailyn Luna says:

I love it thank you for this lovely music

sound wave6 says:


J More says:

I dislike jazz and video

Mr. M. Brown says:


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