BIGGEST MISTAKES Amazon KEYWORD RESEARCH | Why Merchant Words is WRONG | SEO Tools Explained

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Merchant Words Amazon Keyword Research Appears To Be Extremely Incorrect yet many Amazon Sellers still depend on it for keyword Research.

Learn why I believe it’s wrong  and  about using better alternatives like Helium 10  and  Viral Launch.


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My name is Brock Johnson  and  I’m a 7-figure e-commerce seller. I went from $0 – 6 million selling physical products on Amazon. My goal is to create a tech company focused on integrating gratitude  and  personal development into your daily routine.


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Brock Johnson - Amazon FBA says:

$1 Amazon FBA Course is available now!

Zen Der says:

In your description you said you, went from 0 to 6 million, if that is true you are a multimillionaire, so why charge at all. Give the bloody COURSE for free. Your a multimillionaire why will you need to charge.

Nenad Zavodja says:

You're the supermaaaaan! 😀

MagicCityAlex says:

Such great info!!!!

john smith says:

I agree man. I've been trying them all and i find that River Cleaner is the best

Alexandra Vargas says:

Love yours vídeos,

Richard Chen says:

Look forward to your courses Brock, would like a link for VL. Thanks!

Brock Johnson - Amazon FBA says:

My Suggested Keyword Research Tools:

🔍Helium 10 – 7 Day Free Trial + 10% Off For LIfe with code BROCK30 :

Alternative Keyword Research Recommendation…

Viral Launch: 👉 (50% off 1st month)

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Ronin SamuraiTV says:

Correct me if I am wrong but… Merchant Words is aggregating the search volume from the major search sites, the volume you see here is NOT that of just Amazon! For Dropshippers this is interesting data but for Amazon FBA not really… Better use VL or JS. BTW, you said your course would be free… Now it's 1$. next month it will be 500$? The reason why I subbed was because you were one of the only FBA guys that isn't pushing their shitty FBA paid course, content which can usually be found for free and otherwise there's Udemy which has much cheaper and better content than what these other "fake it to make it" dudes are doing on youtube.

Keep it real, man. Peace.

Craig Dybala says:

Everyone seems to have good intentions when sharing and teaching on YouTube and then they ask you whip out your wallet. Brock I'm loving how you are letting us keep it in our pants! Also, I'm canceling my merchant words subscription as we speak! So glad I found you!!!

dario200030 says:

Hey brock when is your course coming out. And thanks for your value info.

Felix G. says:

Hey Brock you have an ad running on YouTube that made me instantly subscribe (It was the hobbit one). I think it was phenomenally done really hitting the cognitive biases and I really appreciate how well crafted it was.

Would love to know how that ads converting for you I suspect it’s more then 70% cause it is that fu**ing good.

Nomad Millionaire says:

Hey Brock, thanks for subscribing to my (tiny) channel. Your story is aspirational 🙂 Great info in this vid too.

Is that Wanaka?!

Eüro Nasty says:

You’re probably there with your girl and the camper! Thanks for being the ONLY Amazon “guru” that’s doing it strictly to help people. Everyone he else has some financial incentive. I fell for the Kevin David scam and extremely pissed about what I got for all that money. Thx for all the great content, Brock. 🍻

Paula Baptista says:

thanks so much, Brock!

Seth Hurd says:

Thanks for the insight Brock. This is really important when determining which products to sell and how to build your listings.

I can confirm that Cerebro is much more accurate than MWs. For example, I pulled my last months search term report and picked out a specific keyword, looking at the customer search term so I was only focusing on exact match. I found that this specific keyword had 511 impressions, and Cerebro was showing 1054 under exact phrase search volume. It's important to keep in mind impressions from your STR are highly dependent on your bid, i.e. the lower your bid the lower the impressions. That being said, it makes sense that the impressions shown in my STR would be less than what Cerebro is reporting since I probably wasn't capturing every person that searched for this keyword (unless my bid was always higher than my competitors). So, 511 impressions on my STR vs 1054 overall searches in Cerebro seems legitimate.

However, when I searched for this keyword in MWs it was showing 84,000 searches. Like Brock was saying, if you assume your primary keyword has 84k searches you're going to spend a lot of money bringing that product to market only to find out 500-1000 searches are happening each month. If you have a high CTR of say 5% and a high conversion rate of say 20%, that still only leaves you with 10 sales per month (assuming 1000 impressions), and 10 sales per month for your primary keyword won't pay the bills.

Ahmed Adam says:

Brock isn’t it misleading to our rightly claim helium and viral launch get data directly from amazon? I understand merchant words is not very good but aren’t all these tools really just estimating at the end of the day ?

Ahmed Adam says:

How did these companies get access to exact amazon data ? This is a load of rubbish old chap. I used to work for amazon. They don’t give out exact data to anyone. Since you don’t explain how they get data. I said this brock I am disappointed.

Perceu says:

Your videos are very useful. I follow Gary and I was guessing that you were using his techniques.
Thank you thank you thank you!

John Maxwell says:

Hi Brock,
Hope you had a fantastic trip. I wanted to run something by you but decided what the hell…you throw it all out there for everyone so I'm going to do the same thing. You mentioned in a previous video that everyone should check out one of the China trade shows (if possible). You also mentioned that most reputable Chinese manufacturers hate Alibaba. I had the thought about starting a company that would connect buyers with reputable Chinese manufacturers. I know it would probably require getting certification with the Chinese ministry of trade but it could/would become the premier company for connecting buyers and sellers thereby eliminating shady parties (on both sides). Give me your thoughts. Wish you all the best!!!

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