Duramax diesel fuel filter head rebuild how to by Merchant Automotive

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A comprehensive step by step on how to rebuild your fuel filter head on your Duramax Diesel.

Filter head rebuild kit – http://www. merchant -automotive.com/p-783-duramax-filter-head-rebuild-kit-2001-2010-duramax.aspx

Aluminum Bleeder Screw – http://www. merchant -automotive.com/p-929-ma-fuel-filter-aluminum-head-bleeder-screw-2001-duramax.aspx

Replacement AC Delco Filter – http://www. merchant -automotive.com/p-4293-oem-replacement-fuel-filter.aspx


ty bakel says:

Very informative. I just ordered the rebuild kit and the bleeder screw from your website. Thanks for the info, I'm sure I'll be ordering more from you in the future.

fbh31118 says:

This works great! Finally installed the kit a few months ago and what a difference! Thank you Eric!

Bill Carson says:

I purchased this kit on Amazon and installed it yesterday. I read on the instructions to "take note" of the position of the two lip seals. I did, and I thought both "lips", the side were where the folded rubber comes together, were pointing toward the flange. I see that's incorrect. After assembly, plunging caused fuel to coming out of the heater assembly at the power cable port. I see now that i instilled it improperly, putting it inside the hole where on the housing rather than around the stem on the heater assembly. I have to take redo this. Thanks for the video. Otherwise, I'd probably never get it right and have to purchase a new unit.

Jo Duramax says:

Tganks you for your help

Shane K says:

Thanks guys, you just saved me some big bucks.

Klaus Schreyer says:

Excellent step by step Detail instructions.

tileman17 says:

Great video

wyattoneable says:

Well explained, thank you.

peibigdog says:

I bought rebuild kit o rings and replace them but Why are the round Moulded rubber seals unserviceable? I think that's the problem with my fuel filter head because when I press down on one of them and pump I get suction but if I don't I don't get suction

Austin Schieck says:

awesome video only complaint is that the video doesn't show the complex process of removing fuel filter head from truck but great video though

Tracy Greggs says:

Nice video. I did have to lube the primer pump seals with grease to get it back together, oil alone was not enough. Done and no more leaks! Thanks!


I have a 2008 chevy 3500hd duramax. I'm have issues on cold mornings and a couple times when the weather was fair I tried to crank it and it stated to turn over and then clicked. first thought was bad battery but they both checked out at 12.45v and 12.91v. if it is jumped off it will fire over. my light showed cylinder der 3,4, and 8 glow plugs. could it be they are not heating those cylinder deres so it is fighting to turn over. I'm at a lose. first duramax I've owned. also every morning I first start it my clock on the radio resets and the cd player start making noise with the cds unless it is plugged in over night. any ideas would be great. thanks.

Ivan Montoya says:

Having watched this, I was able to understand where the leak was occurring.  When priming the pump, fuel would come out with lots of air bubbles, even after several attempts of priming. I took apart the priming pump and noticed the seals were stiff and brittle. I realized the most likely path air was being sucked in, when running the engine for about a minute after priming,  and would then shut off, was through these seal.   I called the dealer and when  I was given the price of ~$ 60.00 for the priming assembly, including the heater, it was a no brainer. I replaced it, and the truck is now running.

Victor Macias says:

I did what you showed on the video now my truck starts but it will not run turns off after I step on the pedal and puts out black smoke and some white. What can I do and check to fix my problem.

fordguy2236 says:

I just rebuilt mine and hear air coming from around the plunger. I also noticed wile it was apart that that black part that's not serviceable was loose and not seated right. ould that mean I need a new head assembly?

Cyndee Corry says:

Hi, I cannot get the primer pump unit over the two lip-seals. The
metal primer keeps pushing the seals down.

Grumpy514 says:

Sweet, was just quoted $750 for a complete assembly at local Chevrolet stealership

Dave Polette says:

My attachment plate/plastic primer housing is cracked. Any idea of where to purchase just that part?

Jon Culbert says:

Great video…  TERRIFIED by the sustained lack of gloves!!    Cancer Sucks!!    : )

Andrew Rodriguez says:

I used the Dorman kit to rebuild my primer, still can't get it to prime. I hear air come out when bleeder is cracked open, so I assume its working but never does prime. Any advice??

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