The BEST Keyword Research Tool For Amazon!? Jungle Scout Keyword Scout VS Merchant Words (2018)

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Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about the BEST keyword research tool for Amazon  and  doing keyword research on Amazon in the right way to maximise your chance of finding  and  launching a winning product.

Amazon keyword research is a absolutely critical part of product research so it needs to be done right. The Merchant Words product research tool is the most commonly used  and  the one that I see most commonly recommended. However – times are changing  and  as entrepreneurs we need to be able to adapt quickly to new technologies, new practices  and  better ways of doing business.

MERCHANT WORDS VS JUNGLE SCOUT – Let’s go through a detailed Merchant Words review,  and  a detailed comparison of Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words. I’ll show you the 4 main areas you need to optimise when doing keyword research  and  how Keyword Scout has much more functionality in all 4 of these areas.

Hope you enjoy this detailed breakdown of Jungle Scout Keyword Scout VS Merchant Words. By the end you will see that the best Keyword Research Tool For Amazon is not what you’ve been led to believe.


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Vitaliy Sakharchuk says:

its a myth that hasent been busted yet that JS uses direct amazon data

katharine williams says:

How long should you run a ppc campaign for ..? Just until it reaches page one .?

angus mace says:

You can tell you were an engineer. Straight to the point educational content, no extra fluff.

Great vid!

john says:

Great videos man! I’m just now getting into this fba game. Can you do a video on creating an optimized and appealing product listing for us newbies please. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Aaryan S says:

Hey Nomad love ur vids and the informative stuff that you give away for free ,Really appreciate Bro… also would like to know as Q4 is approaching, is it possible to start selling right now being a new seller? and what if I order my shipment and amazon stops new sellers ?thanks in advance…

Veaceslav Filatov says:

hey, what do you think about See lots of people now using and sharing (on fb groups) screens of products searched on egrow, so what's your idea about egrow?

Kendrick H. Rhee says:

Hey Myles, do you have any experience with VL for keyword research? I'm debating whether or not to buy JS or VL – which one do you think is more accurate for keyword research ONLY?

Michael Clarke says:

And now there's AMZscout which I think is much easier, but I still gatta research ppc.

Michael Sharman says:

does this work in UK yet ?

h10aus says:

I doubt JS would access to actual data from Amazon…

Angel Pair says:

what is HSA Bid again on Keyword Scout? and what the recommended HSA Bid number when starting Amazon FBA?

Anna Sofronas says:

Hi Miles, thanks again for great technical explanations. I haven't purchased any tools yet and am looking for a good 'all rounder'. Which do you recommend for a bit of everything? I realise now KW Scout is better than MW for keywords, and Helium is better than JS for sales data, but which is good for sales data AND keywords? Viral Launch? Helium? Many thanks. Anna

Michael Sumray says:

Hi Miles, love the content by the way. Two questions….. Is the Jungle Scout web app a good way to do product research still?. Not in terms of accuracy, just everyone is using it in the same way with the same filters and finding the same products. I've had a few products which have launched well but a few months later they are just saturated. from 100 sellers to 1000 sellers in a few months. I just feel jungle scout is over used now. The only person its making rich is Greg Mercer 🙂
2nd question, the keyword scout in JS doesn't support UK, could i use US data for UK? Would this do much harm for generic products to generate keywords for PPC etc?

Juan Carlos Brahim says:

Great video. I don't understand why it doesn't have more views. Very well explained and extremely relevant. Thanks

Aamer G. says:

Myles, what's your recommendation for a product research tool between JS and VL?
I've used JS before but not VL

Kushal Kaushik says:

Jungle Scout Data is very inaccurate. During product research, it is off by upto 160% sometimes. So if the monthly sale of a product is 100 it shows 260+.. Not sure if we should depend on the keyword tool by the same time.. Why didn't you include AMZScout or Viral Launch in this comparision?

李默默 says:

Hi.. i have sent you a message in FB.. appreciate your reply ya 🙂

Francisco Diaz says:

Outstanding info Nyles! Do you know if JS is now getting all the data for the rest of the software features from Amazon as well like some of their competitors like viral launch? Or do you think that they are still getting it from Google for the other modules? Thanks for the excellent work!! Please keep it up!

Profit Kong says:

Never thought about Amazon and you have some great content.

Picnic Point says:

Another quality tutorial!!! The topics you cover in your tutorial are very crucial in running a successful online business. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience.

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