The Merchant of Venice (1973) (Full Length)

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Aayushi Yadav says:

Is that the Prince of Arragon…..He's too old…I thought he would be a good looking man.

Kushhagra Agrawal says:

Portia is so uglyyyyy! Why?????????

[MGun] Gaylife says:

thank me later

lazyinkstains says:

Who are all of these 10th ICSE libtards

Ultron yash says:

Someone bring a wheelchair to prince arragon……he is too old to stand

A bros says:

Boards aaagye😂😂

Mahi Bhatt says:

Half of the scenes from the drama are not there😕😕😕

Sukhvindra Singh says:

Balbir lehal da janam 1973 vich hoya

Bad BurritoGaming says:

Portia is not how i expected😑

Nagham Hussam says:

I am in prisnsjks

Mahi Bhatt says:

Where is act 2 scene 2???

Ansari D. says:

Hindi me banao

Pamella Robinson says:

am i the only one on shylock side? ooops i think so

Jimmy Johnston says:

Portia is SO miscast.

Jimmy Johnston says:

All trannies. In case you don't know. (Olivier wore putty for a brow ridge.)

Ramesh kumar Ramesh kumar says:

Super vidio

Rohit Kumar Chaubey says:

My favourite play nd antonio is my favourite…. whereas I m from icse board nd yrr it's so big play it should be little short… so that we can able to play this performance
In school…..

Vandana Kushwaha says:

42:48 how much sugar
he requires…😂and 1:04:37portia is looking like a frog

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