Batman Arkham Origins How to get into Gotham Merchants Bank

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Where to find another way inside to Gotham Merchants Bank

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VisionSxC says:

lol same took me soooo long till now thnx

Maxson Fabricio says:

O meu aparece bloqueado o que faço?

Lakewood Slasher says:


Alladeen Madafaker says:

Man,i was 100x looking on the roof and never saw it

Lộc Đỗ says:

you saved me

Hans Alghifay says:

When i try to open the ground door behind the wall, its still locked the how

ky says:

I couldn't even find the actual entrance

joe alforo says:


guy says:

Thanks a lot dude!!

531chaz says:

Oh Goddamnit….

9Gaard says:

Thanks, you helped me alot cause of this video!

MaTaWiKKeR says:

now not is locked… ^^

MaTaWiKKeR says:

roof locked -.- how unlock

Sticky Popful says:

now what? im stuck inside where your vid ended.

Elian Alemany says:

Gracias colega! 

Jesson James Preston says:

Dude why is the ground-door locked for me but not you?

Joe S says:

How the fuck were we supposed to know the wall is breakable in that one particular area??? Thanks for the video man! Saved me hours of looking/roaming around aimlessly

TheGamingPotato3 says:

Hanks very helpful

Caleb Turner says:

You helped me ALOT thanx

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