3 Ways to Submit 30 Deals a Month – Merchant Services

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Visit http://www.instantquotetool.com to start your trial account  and  provide free quotes! This is the last video in my little series on understanding how to build a processing company. In this video I talk about the growth strategies that can build your ISO  and  how they look from a profitability perspective.


Will Barnhart says:

CCSalesPro please message me how we can get in contact. I'm a 3 year phone appointment rep who just joined a new startup and negotiated residual on my phone appointments that the outside team closes + salary. Also found a nitch where 95%+ of the sales are 4% collected by surcharging. Would enjoy sharing some knowledge with you and receiving some of your knowledge as well to see if we can help eachother. How can I get in contact with you?

Eyad Museitef says:

Love this vid, one of my favorite! Keep up the great work!

mxolisi phelelani Khambule says:

I just was amazed by your excel skills.I am looking to improve my excel skills,can you make any recommendations of books I can read that can offer practice as well for me to improve my excel skills.Thank you

s bari says:

James great content as always appreciate your wisdom in the field!one question I have is how would you approach selling to a network of old friends and old networks who have their own businesses that can benefit from switching over?

Cherie Stover says:

I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for a newbie to the industry.

Eli Bowman says:

Great info, @CCsalesPro

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