US Merchant Marine Academy

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“The Maritime Administration plays a part in educating many members of the public about the maritime industry, but we have a particularly large role in the training  and  education of mariners. We operate the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York, one of five Federal service academies. The Maritime Administration also provides training vessels  and  other support to six state maritime academies, which are in Texas, California, New York, Michigan, Maine,  and  Massachusetts. These academies all provide four-year undergraduate programs,  and  their graduates find employment as licensed mariners  and  in shoreside occupations such as shipyard management  and  transportation logistics. We also are active in the current rapid growth of maritime education at the high school  and  middle school levels.

We also support continuing education for current mariners. Information for  and  about current mariners may be found in the Mariners section of this web site. We have developed guidelines  and  curricula for security training for a variety of people who work around ports  and  ships,  and  details about that training may be found in this section of our site.

The Maritime Administration is active in promoting awareness of the maritime industry for school students, for teachers,  and  for members of the general public,  and  we partner with the Propeller Club of the United States in its Adopt-a-Ship program.

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

The USMMA at Kings Point, through its unique combination of academic, regimental  and  shipboard programs, will train you as a leader of quality, integrity  and  high ethical standards.”


matt miller says:

Hey everybody, I know it's 2010, but lets pretend its 1997.

alfred dagadu says:

Many a time we need to educate the crew on board a ship so that the crew on board so that the crew will be alert

Elisha P says:

Harry lundeberg school sucks. Been there done that…entire s.i.u union and school in marlyland sucks.

Steven Dalton says:

Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, and any of their reserve components.

Johnn Dea says:

What branches of the military cna you go into through the USMMA?

davesion01 says:

i live in the town with the admission. N.Y, Long island, Great neck, King point is were it is.

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