Welcome to the United States Merchant Marine Academy

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This Admissions video provides a brief introduction to The United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. Welcome Aboard!


John F. Kennedy says:

Clinton tried to close the academies. There was a time the government was going to pull funding,for this school. It didn't happen but seemed to come close.

WOLFIE says:

They say students come all over the world but then they say you must be a US citizen??

Aayush Badal says:

The students come from all over the world, and you need to be us citizen?

NarwhalSquad says:

Lets be honest, they would rather be at USNA or USCGA

Jimothy says:

would love to creampie the tall one at :25

mwillblade says:

I did something kind of similar to this after high school. I joined the Navy.

Miami Vice says:

Damn, 25 year old limit…

barry graham says:

part of the DOD ??

Patrick Chapman says:

My father graduated from Kings Point in 1944 and went right into the Navy and WW II.

rich b says:

I wish I was a younger man. Maybe in the next life.

Phillip Mckenzie says:

All please check-out "S/S Eagle Ford". As First A.E. aboard at the time, I must say it reinvigorate me after 35 years on the water in a way that I thought was lost. Music video yes. Nonetheless enjoyable.

jeff ghant says:

I am so pissed.

Johnathan Ray says:

are you a sailor???? no? then shut the fuck up…

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