The first steps to becoming a Merchant Mariner, part 1

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Jay Cee says:

So basically you have to be one of the good old boys

Treeliner Actual says:

I just want to DANCE

Who's Your PoPo says:

Good job Captain!

Bo Rodriguez says:

He’s a Able-Body seamen. And it’s called a Zcard.

Frank King says:

I'm the very proud grandson of a m m chief engineer who served aboard the liberty glo in the Atlantic during ww2 I was so young that I don't remember everything that he told me but what I do remember is a treasure these men are every much a hero as the marine and his m1 rifle

Brian Icu says:

But I suggest and most companies at least require you to get your STCW-95 BST

Brian Icu says:

you need to call them up..they give you a number, when you went in a did everything. You should of got yours within a month. Took me like 2 weeks.

Brian Icu says:

God I want to be on the water so freaking bad…I have everything I need twic, mmc, stcw-95… I just can't find work 🙁 this is my dream and I can't get even an interview. I'm an OS

Bwolber says:

Getting a TWIC was easy. Seems like getting a MMC will be a huge pain, especially living +4 hours from the closest NWC REC.

Raincentral003 says:

that is correct for a Merchant Mariner Credential endorsed as entry lever there is no training or sea service requirements but a physical MAY be needed and you SHALL also get a drug test and a TWIC card. Check out the USCG's website /NMC (national maritime center) Youtube's not letting me post the link. Go to 'applications' then 'checklists' and select the bottom drop down box and select 'entry level'. That will have the list of everything you will need.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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