How Credit Card Processing Works – Transaction Cycle & 2 Pricing Models

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How Credit Card Processing Works :

How Does Credit Card Processing Work

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This video explains how credit card payments are passed from the cardholder to the  merchant   bank  account. Included in the video is the transaction cycle,  and  a detailed explanation of the two main pricing models.

If you’ve ever wondered:
How Does Credit Card Processing Work?
How To Process Credit Cards?
How Credit Card Processing Works?
How To Accept Credit Card Payments At Your Business
or Understanding the transaction flow,
then you’ll want to watch this video.

It’s part of a credit card processing basics video series so be sure to check back for more updates  and  additional videos in the series.

Additionally, you can check out for more tips  and  tutorials on how  merchant  account processing works.


Ms Money Boss says:

this is the kind of video that people should be watching instead of those which will actually teach you to keep on spending your money

Andrea Lopez says:


William Hale says:

You are the man. It's sad that most of the people from outside the payment industry don't understand, even at a high-level, the ecosystem of payments. Everyone knows Visa and MasterCard, but no one knows what they do and how they make money. For the majority of the people, it's just a logo on their card. These companies, both networks and merchant acquirers/payment processors, are very profitable. These are essentially technology companies with very low overhead and highly scalable business. I briefly worked for Vantiv/Worldpay and had a time of my life learning about the industry. Thank you for this awesome educational video. You should charge your own interchange for doing this video. 🙂

Nnanna Ebiri-okoro says:

thanks Ramesh

jffsmth330 says:

Good info. Quick question: do "processors" typically include the physical card reader used in POS transactions? Or is it common to mix card readers amongst processor service companies?

Brendan Stubbs says:

How can I accept cryptocurrencies

Hardly Confused says:

Good explanation, however, does not cover American Express which is different from Visa/Master. How about China Union Pay?

Curtis W Yokum says:

It's very helpful and understanding Video. Thank You For This Video. #highriskmerchantprocessors

Avraham Solomon says:

Great website for High Risk Merchant Accounts is

Dang Thien Quoc says:

It is very interesting to learn more about…

Chandan Borasi says:

Nice explanation

The Inner Circle says:

I want to know every little biddy detail

Aaric Douglas says:

Your Explanation is really nice… #ChargebackExpertz is also work for prime necessity to Fight, Manage and reduce Fraud.

Sandeep Patidar says:

Great Video with point to point explanation… #merchantstronghold

Zes says:

no such thing as important to remembx, or rememberx or notx

kunal rai says:

Really Nice and Clear video. Please keep it up…

JNB 1 says:

hi this is Ritesh i want to start Pos business as now distributing Mosambee to end user merchant but now i want to bring my own brand product so how to initiate it … please guide

Binsa Bose says:

where is the 1.79% coming from ?

Kristina Estrada says:

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Anomalous lover says:

But how these information goes from one point to another? I mean by which type of connection are they?Is it LAN,WAN,or connected by satellite,wireless,wired, or what? Please help!!!!!!!

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