Merchants and Marauders Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel reviews Merchants  and  Marauders from Z-man Games

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Renjii44 says:

Little bug running across the board at 5:00 😂😂

Jiezhang Jzmobee says:

What are the two thug games on the top left corner of the shelf?

Maurizio Fieri says:

Where is the final seal? I am curious

stalker777777777 says:

As for the downtime issue maybe try to play every one doing only 1 move not 3 would be more real time based then and less downtime. I know the video is kinda old but i just got my copy of the game yesterday 😉

Matthew Harris-Levesque says:

Anyone notice the spider in caraca at 4:58? Goes to Trinidad and disappears.

rodders91166 says:

have you changed your opinion now on the best pirate game with the expansion release??

ThovenTheGamer says:

I think you could easily shorten the game by playing to only 5 or 7 points. That could help, but I've never played the game before

Shrinekeeper1 says:

Maybe I'm confused but isn't downtime kind of expected in a board game? To me board gaming is as much about the socialization with friends as it is playing the game. So to me I'm never bored with downtime because we are usually filling the downtime with small talk while we wait for the other player to make their move. We always play with our best friends and even a four hour catan game doesn't feel like four hours and I'm never bored while I wait for my turn. Just my two cents.

AMProductions says:

5:00 Pirate bug!

ArchGoodwin says:

Maybe just add a chess timer?

Dillion McDyver says:

I'm offended by the term "Ameritrash" and since there is actually a term called Eurotrash that refers to 'sleasy european' (men) for the most part, you could simply use the term: Ameritrash and Eurotrash. Not "Euro-style". If that were the case then it is more properly Ameri-style. Since that is a European prejudice and they embody the Eurotrash as a person when it came to boardgames they thought why not call American style something we don't like about ourselves as Europeans. Nope, sorry you either call it Eurotrash or Ameristyle. Since Eurostyle just means a money/trading/diplomacy game it seems that the game is also geared toward faster play. To me that means Eurostyle players (And Europeans) have less patience and aptitude and perhaps don't like 'war-games' in general but perhaps because of after WWII they really did become increasingly dependent on America that Eurostyle reflects that newly emergent mentality. Since it often seems less complex to me, it represents the 'less capable' gamer. I can play eurostyle just fine but it is like a second tier game. Ok, so I have a game solely based on one main concept: gaining VP or money via worker placement or placing your little trains.

To put it another way, it seems like an elitist attitude by Europeans but in reality it means they are actually just loving less complex games because mentally they 'need' that and thus can't handle the full throttle games. On the up side, they are quicker games, but that again, appeals to the attentively-challenged gamer. Focus your attention for more than 2 hours is a real challenge for you. That is the modern European gamer and so the game designers knowing their audience thought why not make games that appeal to their challenged mentality.

Before you think 'oh Dillion your just being an A-hole. No, here is the definition of 'Eurostyle': Eurostyle games focus on creating "tight mechanics" that function like a well-oiled machine. These mechanics are usually within a small, self-contained system, and are GENERALLY SIMPLER AND EASIER TO LEARN……..(and I add) for people who have less attention, less mental focus and ability, and generally are not as capable of handling more complex games. So if your American and love "Eurostyle". That includes you too. Congradulations. There are top tier gamers and then there is you and all your fellow Eurostyle gamers.

How's that for elitist attiude. No matter how much you don't like it that would not make it less valid of a statement. So hate on haters.

Agent Skazzers says:

Its Sid Meier's Pirates! Arrrrrgh!!

chairbender says:

I don't find the time where it's not your turn to be very boring – in this game you (should) care so much about what other people are doing that you just can't avoid being engaged the whole time.

Jurij Fedorov says:

So Jamaica is not the best pirate game?

airsoftcolt1911 says:

I like the fly going across the bottom of the board at 4:56.

devekut2 says:

We've not found the "port" actions to be the speedbumps Tom describes; while there are a bunch of things to do in port, usually you only need to do a couple of them and things move along nicely. Plus you can easily lose by not paying attention to what your opponents are doing during their "port" actions!

TCViper86 says:

Man your videos are popular but seriously buy a lavalier mic. You won't have so much echo in your audio.

V_for_victory says:

Is it any good for 2 players??i am really interested!

RooooK says:

thats just a tiny………motor boat 😐

Danny Baverstock says:

Not to nitpick but you cant upgrade, per se, to the Man o' War. You would have to capture it. Otherwise, great review. And, i agree. Its only downside is perhaps its pace.

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