Reception Day at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy : First Day of School!!!

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The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy recently welcomed the latest batch of Probationary Midshipmen for their one month Orientation  and  Indoctrination Period. The first day of school, otherwise known as Reception Day, is a momentous event as it marks the beginning of a PMMA Cadet’s voyage to a career in the maritime industry.

Chief MAKOi
Seaman Vlog


Chief MAKOi says:

Hey guys!!! It's finally here! I have been very busy lately because I'm already preparing for my next vessel assignment. That means I have to report to the office all the time for processing, training and all that stuff. Which also means I will be going back onboard a ship in a few weeks time so I will be able to make new episodes of Seaman Vlogs with topics which a lot of you have requested!!! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this video. This is how we welcome new cadets to our school. I'll probably be able to make one more PMMA video before I go back to sea. And that will be about the Oath-taking of the new 4th Class Midshipmen! We will find out how many of the 389 probationary midshipmen successfully survived the Probationary Period and qualify to be accepted as full-fledged members of the PMMA Corps of Midshipmen. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Sary Andrew Adan says:

Music video?

Elvira Baranda says:

Sir is it still accepted in the PMMA if my brother has a pierce on his ears?

Jarhead says:

This is so exciting!.. its very challenging and very inspiring… i am one of the passers of the pmmaee 2018…and yet this video gave me a dose of inspiration to join the long blue line.. and chase my dream to become a naval officer.. pangarap ko pa to noong bata pa ako.. at gagawin ko ang lahat para makamit ang pangarap ko.. i cant wait to take the first step towards my dream.. thank you chief for this! 😁😁😊

Jay C says:

relax na ngayon eh. dati sa Makati hindi ganyan…. sino mga 01 diyan πŸ™‚

chin in naman jan ….

Eugene Catipay says:

Sa manila raba ito? Wala ba sa cebu?

S Bains says:

Excellent photography Chief

Jher Carlson Salazar says:

Sir Chief, meeon po bang hazing inside the PMMA?


Zambales ba yan pare

Chlooper 04 says:

I miss CAT, I was once an officer

Alice Stoker says:

I will pass this time.

Nahum Dicdican says:

Hi sir, dream ko po ang maging isang marine. Asang academy po ba ang pinakita niyo.? Salamat po.

shadow beast says:

Kailan poung neuro test sir?

shadow beast says:

I will endure it to pursue my dream and help my family in the future❀

Jn Lando says:

Galing ng physical test.

Chad Iverson says:

Holy Crap! Those admission stats are tougher than most North American medical schools.

Chan Chan says:

Parang gusto ko sumali

Dante Royol says:

Chief the same din ba ng reception day ng MAAP sa PMMA?

Douche Bag says:

I passed the examination for PMMA and MAAP class for 2022, but later found out that I'm Colorblind. God speed and good luck to future takers!

Jfree 10 says:

How about placement

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