New Birth – Dream Merchant

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brokenupbeat says:

Jerry Butler did it better. Just being honest.

hwknswltr says:

Their lead singer is one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Denise Mitchell says:

but when Lesile says
ooh laawwd

Jeffrey Rowe says:

Amen Mr. Kenneth Davis, sir, rundeldat…..

Karen Oden says:

yes tne old school shit is the best old school said tht

terry tyler says:

this is too deep for 385 haters

Midget Mike says:

2018 was good lol

Phoxy Brown says:

I am so stuck in the 70s music… Thanks to my big sis who don't even listen anymore

Richard Donnell says:

Although Jerry Butler originally released this song I always liked this version.

eric allen says:

This was the #1 R&B song in the country the week I was born. Never heard it before. It’s dated but good. The 70’s were the bomb

Blossom Hicks says:

Love songs forever for me I want to be loved.

Mark Hurtado says:

This is all me. Love this. Shit. Gangster. Groove. Too tha. Fullest


Leslie Wilson has always been in my top ten soul singers of all time , he's a phenom in soul .

Lipstick Capone says:

The 70s 😍😍😍!! One of the best eras despite every thing else..u had the Big beautiful Cadillacs Afros and Music love and style and power ✊🏽 still make me wish i couldve been apart of that!! Im such a classic dreamer!!

Rose Ryan says:

This song always makes me feel some sort of way.

Manny P says:

Travis Scott-SKELETONS

Tom Smith says:

Best Soul & R&B Quiet Storm Old School Slow Jams Love Songs (PERFECT DATE MUSIC PART 2 PLAYLIST)

M a says:

🎢 tan Devina, hanguiando en parque con mi gente uh-huh Cleveland


Dream merchant is one of the greatest songs ever laid down!! These millennials just dont know. Smdh….I'm about to listen to it again and again!!!!!

Elizabeth Olivas says:

Love this song. πŸ’•

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