Duramax Billet Coolant Block Off Plate

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Our billet rear engine cover coolant block off plate is used to stop the coolant leak or possible coolant leaks.

The plate has a built in O-ring to seal, NO GASKET REQUIRED. Our design is machined down around the bolt holes so the stock bolts can be used when installing.

Order here:
http://www. merchant -automotive.com/10089-Billet-Coolant-Block-Off-Plate.aspx?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=coolant%20block%20off%20youtube


Michel Foshee says:

So, can this be done IN TRUCK without exhaust system removed?

J. James Sr. says:

Everything is simple with the engine out the truck

chipjumper says:

What is the purpose of this coolant passage?

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