How to Sell Credit Card Processing – Merchant Services – Lead Generation

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Are you thinking of getting started in the  merchant   services  industry? Have you been in the industry for a while but need some help  and  support? In this video Ryan Cabrera will explain the lead generating portion of the sales process for selling credit card processing,  merchant   services   and  payroll.

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Michael Knight says:

I cannot believe that in 2015, you are marketing the best method for lead generation as walking into businesses ice cold. you must have a lot of free time because not only does cold calling produce BY FAR AND AWAY the worst results….even if you are a good salesperson…..I don't know what market you are in but maybe you aren't aware of this….employees of retail businesses are specifically trained to keep salespeople like you OUT! they regularly lie and tell salespeople that the business owner isn't there when they are and/or they absolutely lie about the relationship they have with the current processor (saying a family member handles it, etc)but so much time and energy is wasted….worst of all, cold calling face to face DESTROYS the attitude of the salesperson, and it makes you look like a desperate salesperson who is just trying to scrape up some business instead of a business equal. If you don't have a positive attitude in sales, I don't see any way of being able to sustain a good career…… If cold calling is your primary source of lead generation, it is a near certainty that you will burn out within a few years. focus on referral partnerships from people who work with local business owners and networking.

Jason Reed says:

I started with a company called Platinum Choice Bancard. They really had great training and support. I closed my 10th sale in my first month and am on my way to HOPEFULLY make over 100K my first year. There is a lot of money in this industry IF you are with the right company.

Cacey T says:

How do you think OFAC will effect the industry for the future?

Sheri Bridgeman says:


Brandi Henson says:

no lol I think I gave up that's not the job for me lol I kinda liked it but its kinda hard

Brandi Henson says:

I jus started at IPP intrepid and this is my 4th day and still ha e not gotten any sales potential sales but not a actual sell how can I be more successful?…

Eddie Rivera LLC says:

Just started with Blue-Dog and I like the atmosphere, just this cold calling is like eating sand, I've sold cars and electronics was very successful, how can I be successful in generated leads and have merchants fax or email me statements? Thanks

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