Top 10 Reasons Not to Sell Credit Card Processing – Merchant Services Sales

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In this video I give 10 reasons that  merchant   services  sales agents should think about another career path. Visit for more free sales training resources. James Shepherd offers advice on how to sell  merchant   services  on this channel. Our training as well as are used by thousands of sales professionals in the credit card processing industry. We also brand our training  and  technology solutions for ISO’s, processors  and  other sales teams in the payment processing industry. James Shepherd is a thought leader in the payments industry  and  provides consulting  and  sales management  and  technology design implementation. If you sell  merchant   services , recruit credit card processing sales people or run an organization providing these  services , visit us online  and  connect with James.


Knuckle_Bump says:

James, I am curious, what state are you in?

Stella Gaunson says:

it's very good video. The information provided by you is really very good and helpful to me. Keep sharing good information.

Leslie Suarez says:

I appreciate your Enlightenment that's awesome and I'm another one thanking you very much for having posted this video!!! I pretty much assumed this but confirmation is always really good

Edward Dominguez says:


Daniel Brain says:

This is nice video uploading, This is very informative and useful. #merchantstronghold

Neale Reimers says:

7 out of 10 your reasons could be just for running any business. Most of your reasons "not" to do this would hold true for ANY business. Even the other 3 are also true for certain businesses that use residuals. You could take the "credit card processing" out of this video and it would still hold true for many other businesses.

Sgtturtle22 says:

Good on everything I'm ready to do this thanks

tia butts says:

nicely done

Eliezer Elefant says:

Thank you very much for this video. I recently started my own credit card processing company and was struggling to understand how to make it more profitable and what I needed to do to get there. Thank you again for your insights.

Denita Ozenne says:

This was very informational, and saddening at the same time. I meet every qualification, except #10. As of today I do work M-F, I was hoping to work evenings and weekends for a few months to be able to generate just enough income to to quit. Is that completely unheard of? I have no problem working full time, in CCP full time, as matter of fact, I look forward to it, but realistically I can't quit with no money coming in. There has to be hope

Jak Carsten says:

Thank you James! You just saved me a lot of wasted time, energy, money, and focus that I would have spent barking up the wrong tree. Much appreciated.

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