In this second course, we provide insight on the different types of transactions fees  and  how are they calculated  and  collected. Part of Merchant Link’s Payments Education Series: Credit Card Processing 101 for Merchants [More]
In this video I address the top 6 most asked questions about  merchant  marine. If I didn’t cover your questions, leave a comment! Send a greeting to other sailors around the world! To be featured [More]
They spend their days sifting through reams of market research data. They conduct endless surveys  and  focus groups. They comb the streets, the schools,  and  the malls, hot on the trail of the next big [More]
Visit to start your trial account  and  provide free quotes! This is the last video in my little series on understanding how to build a processing company. In this video I talk about the [More]
Not a REAL remake, just a (fan-made) school project
How to solve  merchant  circle problem In this first course, we’ll cover the basics on how your transactions travel across the electronic rails to the financial institutions  and  what players are involved in the process. Part of Merchant Link’s Payments [More]
Buy this album on iTunes: Follow Thomas on Facebook: Follow Two Steps From Hell on Facebook: Composed by Thomas Bergersen. Audio quality has been lowered due to public availability, please support the [More]
The most impromptu chop cup you will ever see! It’s causing quite a stir! Milk your chop cup routine to the max! Ok enough of the puns! Only we are very excited about the Chop [More]
Forgery And Lies is what this little story is about, As Bank Of America Forges My Friend Pete’s Name On A LEGAL DOCUMENT! Its a sign of the times that the BANKS THINK THEY RULE [More]
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