this video explains the difference in the duties  and  lifestyle of deck department  and  engine department onboard ship in detail, within 2 minutes.
How to become a  merchant  Marine
Installation of a new gold-leaf eagle  and  paint work on the 172 ft flagpole at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. All design, manufacturing, gold-leafing,  and  rigging solutions are a cooperation between POLETECH  and  VM [More]
Hi friends in this video my incredible life as a  merchant  marine life at sea.Join on my adventures feel free to subscribe  and  share the video follow me on instagram- @SarthakPalwankar thanks for watching Heres [More]
by Celtae… presented by Ferocious! Energetic! Fantastic! These are some of the words that have been used to describe Celtae, one of Canada’s premiere Celtic bands. Celtae’s outstanding original songs  and  their unique approach [More]
Somewhere in the Pacific a strange distress signal is received – follow the brave men  and  women onboard USS BENFOLD as they rescue some US Coast Guard Academy folks….
Service Academy Best Gangnam Style winner. The latest in our service academy Gangnam Style videos comes from the midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. merchant -marines-join-gangnam-style-video-craze The “Gangnam Style” college craze made famous by a [More]
This video explains the salary structure of a  merchant  navy officer on various types of ship. gas carriers , oil tankers , bulk carriers , container ships, offshore vessels etc. music by =
In this episode, I discuss the top 5 reasons to join the  merchant  marine profession. The following reasons are my personal opinions as to why a career in the maritime is awesome.
The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy recently welcomed the latest batch of Probationary Midshipmen for their one month Orientation  and  Indoctrination Period. The first day of school, otherwise known as Reception Day, is a momentous event [More]
more at “Short documentary shows how U.S.  merchant  seamen were trained in seamanship, signaling, gunnery  and  radio operation.” Public domain film from the US National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the [More]